e enjte, 9 shtator 2010

What-Up Cocolalla Crib!

This was the best year in Idaho, Cute Chelsea had her little baby, Lulu there for the 1st time, both Amanda and I were pregnant lemons and sweet Marin was there to make the family complete!

Black Mail!

Here is some good old fashion black mail for ya'll.  Zach told me that I would thank him later for taking this photo. I don't understand what that means.
Pretty landscape on the way back from our road trip to utah. 

I have shed many tears..

There Zach is snuggling with my pride and joy(kitty), Storm. I WUV her!  I am so sad though because Over Labor day weekend Zach and I took a little road trip to  Utah and we brought our kitty so that Drew could be her foster parent  until we get a bigger place. The baby is coming and we live in a tiny apt.  and I think it will be too hard cleaning up after both of these guys right now. I have shed many a tear for this little girl, I miss her. The house is so quite and I miss taking cat naps with her. Kitty come back to bed!

7 weeks left!

I am 33 weeks preggers! It has gone by pretty fast.  Once I hit the 7th month though, I  finally started to go downhill. I am such a lazy piece!.. I have been nesting like crazy though, arranging and rearranging everything in our little apt. I feel like I am going to burst! little jr. is coming so fast I don't even know what to think. Somedays I am excited, other days I wish I could take it back. Everyone says that the love you have for your child is amazing, but I just can't comprehend it.  This is such a trip.

e mërkurë, 21 prill 2010


I am 12 and a 1/2 weeks prego today. I had my second doctors appointment and ultrasound today too, the little peanut head is SO much bigger!  Look at my ghetto-licious starting to bulge. I am so glad that the little chap is still in there, I kept half expecting it to dissapear and not show up on the screen. Pregnancy has been pretty good to me I must say. I feel a bit nauseous 24/7 and super tired, but I really can't complain, many women have it worse. I am so Lucky that I don't have to work though, it would really be miserable. I have been trying to work at home getting some things ready for my website I am "trying" to build, but the motivation isn't completely there. I work on it very slowly... I am planning to have it done by the time  I have the little runt, so I have time...right?

e hënë, 1 mars 2010

It Has Begun.......

I am training my kitty, Storm how to use the TOILET..... One of Zach's employees wrote this book about how to train your cat how to go to the bathroom in the toilet...amazing! Zach came home one day with this little book for me, because he knows how I HATE kitty litter. It is so messy and no matter what you do it still smells SO rotten when your kitty takes a dump. It really makes me sick. I have had this book sitting in my bathroom  for aver 3 months now...but I have finally committed! I am on step two of the process. In step one you are just supposed to move the litter box next to your toilet, but ours was already there, so  yippeee we get to skip to step two. In step two you are supposed to move the litter box level with the toilet. DONE. So we will see how this goes... Perre (the author) said that he has 2 cats and one of them took 2 weeks to get it and the other took 2 months! I think storm is pretty bright, so hopefully she is closer to the 2 weeks. She is pretty annoyed though with me for moving the litter box though. I will keep ya'll posted though.

e hënë, 30 nëntor 2009

CABO Thanksgiving 2009

WOW..wow..wow..is all I can say about this trip. It was AMAZING! we stayed in this incredible house on the top of  a rocky hill called Pedregal that over looked the ocean. We never wanted to leave! we had chefs for breakfast and dinner that made the best food; fresh sushi, Tamales, tortilla soup, fried icecream, Thanksgiving dinner... we all gained like 10lbs, but it was all worth it..I could get use to this, I never want to have to cook again! The house... a whole other story. The house was a huge white house decorated with the coolest furniture and trinkets. I was most in love with the tiled stairs though. I hve been dreaming about having tiled stairs just like this forever and every staircase was like this. It was so fun to be able to hang out with everyone too. Little Chels is prego and SO cute! Zach and I were there for 4 days(4 days shorter then everyone else, because Zach had to work...3 days till launching) and it definately wasn't enough.  It was also Cherie's bday while we were there we had  4 coarse meal while a mexican band came and played happy bday for her. What a Fiessssstaaa!

e mërkurë, 4 nëntor 2009

This is how I feel...

So this week has been interesting... My life is so easy, so i got to complain about something..I think my cat may have fleas(as you can see she isn't very happy about it either). I keep finding scabs all over her body and so I googled it and it sounds like she most likely has fleas.  Our car broke down. I cannot get it even started to take it to the mechanic and so I definately can't take my cat to the vet. I have work and my boss is totally depending on me to work this weekend too(my job consists of A LOT  of driving) and so I may have to tell her I can't work, which is not a good thing when your boss is depending on you. We are also moving downstairs to a bigger apt.(yay) this week and I was supposed to be able to move things in today(I had work off so that I can move and run a ton of errands), but my apt. isn't ready to move into yet. My house has been in boxes for the past few weeks because I have been SO anxious to move out of our shoe box , I just can't wait anymore! I am whining like a baby because I have been so worthless all day trying to get the car started to run my errands and waiting to move in today  so that I can set up my stuff so that I can start sewing agin! I am grumpy. wahh wahh wahh. plus my butt is raw from sitting at the computer all day trying to waste my time. Man, I'm lucky this is all I have to complain about.

Happy Halloween!

I know the picture is terrible, but here is a pic. of our halloween costumes...Zach and I were BOTH Harry Potter. I didn't want to spend money on a costume this year( you only wear it once..and I'd rather buy cute clothes with that money!) so we decided to be Harry Potters, because we already own all of this stuff. Kinda sad I know..I already had the little school boy jacket, I bought it at Goodwill a couple years ago and it even has the little boys name and number in it...Friedman (415)441-1071 - please don't stalk him(-;
I also had a little sweater courtesy of  Savers from Challenger. I borrowed Zach's tie and zach had everything too. We were set.

e hënë, 26 tetor 2009

We're Baaaack!..

I know I know, it has been for ever... I am terrible at keeping a blog!  I post things on my fashion blog here and there, but it just takes too much time... But I need to be better, hopefully I will get on the ball and continue to keep this one current. Anyways, It has been a while and a lot has happend, our lives are actually completely different since my last post. Since we have been married it seems like about every 6 months we are living a totally new life. We have moved 6 times(going on 7) in the 3 1/2 years that we have been married. We now live in Venice, CA in a cute bright little studio apartment. In about a week and a half we will be moving up in the world to a one bedroom apartment. We will be staying in our apt complex though. I can't tell you how excited I am! We have been living in the teeniest tiniest studio apts. for the longest time. Our last apt. was 450 square feet in san fran. and the one we are in now is about 300-350 square feet! We hardly brought anything out here, but my sewing stuff has been quickley overflowing! ahh!

    Zach and I are having the time of our lives out here! We plan on staying here for a long time, if not forever. Zach's company is moving swiftly and we will be so excited when they  launch soon.
   I have been diving into the fashion world, interning with a celebrity stylist, working as an extra on a television show while trying to get into the costume design/wardrobe scene and sewing, designing and selling my creations on Etsy http://www.moberry.etsy.com/  We have made many friends and are experiencing and learning new things everyday. We are growing so much in our careers, in our relationships and spiritually..I am so greatful that we are able to live here and have all of these opportunities.

e enjte, 24 janar 2008

Mavericks Surf Compitition

We went to the Mavericks surf competition a couple weekends ago with the bishop and Adam Haleck. While we were there we ran into Cory and Ashley Knell, which was pretty cool. What a coincidence. The beach was crowded with spectators and photographers. We couldn't see much from where we were, but it was still so much fun. Next year we need to get a spot on a boat out on the water, now that would be cool.